About Us

   Hey guys! I want to welcome you to Harper James. I am so excited to have you shopping with us. Why Harper James? The unique name came from my youngest daughter Harper and my father James. It was tom-boyish, yet girly and simple. Totally me! As well as the fashion and style I bring to Harper James... I have never had one true style icon. I have been known to rock so many styles and mix and match to make my own true style. Thats exactly what Harper James is. Fashion Freedom! Become you and create your own fashion and style.

   Years before boutiques blew up the clothing industry, I knew I wanted a quiet little shop. My very own boutique. Well life happened, kids happened and I put my dreams on hold. I did however, model for a boutique for a few years and helped run the business side of things as well. Doing so just made my passion for the business grow even more. I love clothes and shoes! What girl doesn't right? Well a year after not being in the business anymore & becoming a single mom. I knew now was the time to do it. No more putting my dreams on hold. What do you have... if you don't have faith? So I am leaping! I hope you guys love Harper James and will share with your family and friends. And thank you again for supporting my business.